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Parenting is no walk in the park but it can be memorable and funny. Find LOL stories of the funniest parents and how they make parenting fun.

Starbucks customer shows hilarious result of asking for sandwich to be cut in half

“….. guess I should’ve been more specific,” she captioned the photo.
16d ago

Mom’s viral song pokes fun at how little it takes to be 'such a good dad'

"I took the idea to write about all the things I do ... and how my husband is praised just for existing in the presence of our child.”
17d ago

A mom ordered a Minion birthday cake for her son from H-E-B. The hilarious result went viral

“NOTHING COULD HAVE PREPARED ME,” one person commented on the video.
Minion Cake
Minion Cake
20d ago

133 frightfully funny Halloween puns that are a total scream

These corny jokes and one-liners will leave kids and adults howling in delight.
23d ago

Triplet mom’s viral video shows how differently her 3 babies react to meal time

Juniper, Eden and Willow Kenmure are going viral on TikTok.
1619d ago

9 things I learned about fatherhood from pop culture dads

Sometimes, it's their wise advice. And sometimes, it's their inability to do anything.
Milo Ventimiglia and Robin Williams
Milo Ventimiglia and Robin Williams
32d ago

Woman says date dashed after she ate 48 oysters and more, sparking debate

“They were so good. I was not expecting it to be that good,” she says in the viral video as she slurps down her oysters. “It was just so good.”
32d ago

227 best dad jokes to tickle your family's funny bone

Kids and adults will moan, groan and laugh out loud at these corny puns and one-liners.
Top view of mature father and small daughter lying on floor indoors at home.
Top view of mature father and small daughter lying on floor indoors at home.
32d ago

Reporter immediately regrets taking bite of hot dog at state fair: ‘Pretty, pretty good’

“I wasn’t trying to go viral,” says WIS reporter Jalen Tart. “I was just hungry and I just wanted a bite to eat and that’s just what happened.”
34d ago

Why people are responding to a video about pesto with their craziest stories

Thanks to food influencer Susi Vidal’s homemade pesto video, TikTok has been exposed to the nuttiest stories that have nothing to do with the green sauce.