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Jenna's daughter Poppy has playdate with Ben and Erin Napier's kids

The HGTV stars taught Jenna Bush Hager, her daughter Poppy and sister Barbara Bush some Christmas tree decorating tips.
/ Source: TODAY

Jenna Bush Hager's 8-year-old daughter had a very special playdate ahead of the holidays.

Poppy, along with her mom and aunt, Barbara Bush, recently visited Ben Napier and Erin Napier's store, The Scent Library in Laurel, Mississippi. During the trip, Poppy spent time with the Napiers' kids, Helen, 5, and Mae, about 2.

"We had a wonderful time in Laurel and so did Poppy," Jenna said on TODAY Nov. 17. "She actually had a playdate with the Napiers' kids. She went over to the house and she's like, 'How come they get a big, cool play room?' And I'm like, 'Well, their dad's a contractor.'"

The playdate happened while the HGTV stars taught the trio some tips for Christmas decorating.

The Napiers recommended using satin ribbons and tying them in a "drapey, drippy" way for more hang time.

After learning the technique, Jenna shared her own family's holiday tradition.

"Every year, we give the girls a different ornament and what we do to make it special is that we write in Sharpie, on the back, their initials and the dates that you remember, and then I write, 'With love, J.B.H.,'" she said.

"I think every tree has to have the sentimental," Erin Napier said, beaming, "and these are my favorite (ornaments), the old world style."

Poppy chimed in, "I never saw a tree that didn't have ornaments."

Equally as important as the tree itself is what's at the bottom. Erin Napier shared her trick of using books instead of a skirt and Jenna said she may borrow that idea for her tree.

"Well, I am the book lady," the Read with Jenna book club leader said. "I have a million books but I really want to do (it) —  don't you think I should do books around my own tree?"

"Yeah, that's really cute and clever," Barbara Bush said.

Napier suggested using books with the most colorful covers on the outside edge and place all the books in a fanned pattern.

"Look how cute this is," Jenna exclaimed when they finished.

Up next: garland. Napier said she uses orange slices instead of a more traditional option. And while the style is "niche," according to the HGTV star, it's also easy to prepare for stringing. Just cut up oranges into thin slices and bake them in the oven for several hours at around 170 degrees.

"OK, Barbara, this orange slice could also be us," Jenna quipped.

"You could turn into the DIY mom you've been trying to be," Bush later responded.

"I've been wanting to be a DIY mom in my later years," Jenna said. When she asked Poppy is she's been successful, the answer was "definitely not!"

After Tree Decorating 101, Jenna made a custom candle to gift to co-host Hoda Kotb. Then, Jenna and her sister signed copies of their book, "Love Comes First," and Poppy did a book reading for a group of kids in attendance.

Before heading out, Poppy did the honors of lighting the newly decorated Christmas tree.